Thursday, 9 September 2010

Ohhh Jeeeeebus! I haven't posted in ages D:
I am sorry people, i fail at this blogging (:
Anyways, right now i should probably be doing my art homework, but instead, i am posting this ;D

Hmm, well, i went to London in the summer holidays, exotic, i know :P Hehe, anyways, my Momma and sister went to Harrods and bought some really cute cupcakes, cuz they know i am a sucker for cake and well, we're a fat family that likes to eat like, a hell of alot xD

This is my Oreo cupcake that they got me (: I took this picture in the bath of my hotel room, cuz i am weird like that xD Sorry about it being side-ways, i am a lazy poo and cba to rotate it xD

I have realised i am obsessed with cupcakes.

Anyways, thats it for now, i need to go do some work (:
Bibi people :3 xxxxxx

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Hehe, so today me and my family have been preparing for my sister's 18th birthday party, we're having like a garden party thing with a HUGE buffet! There are 40 people coming and i just had to wash like, 10 tubs of starwberries for them all -.- MY HANDS ARE NOW SHRIVELLED AND NASTY!
Anyways, during our preperation for the party, i managed to sneak away to take some photos of some things that i think are really cute :3

Okay, first thing i did today was decorate some cupcakes (:

Then i found a badger in my garden, and decided to take some pictures of it :D ITS SO CUTE!

Then, i took my doggie a walk. Look at her smiley face (:
Anyways, that's about it from today (:
Sorry about my boring blog, but it gives me something to do and keeps me entertained
Inabizzle people

Friday, 9 July 2010

So, i haven't made any new posts in a while now, THIS MAKES ME A BAD PERSON..... So yeah, anyways, last night i got REALLY bored so i decided to take pictures of my bloody amazing pets. Seriously, THEY ARE THE BEST!
Yogi is my adorable hamster and he's 1 year and a bit (: He's pretty old for a small hammy! & i love him to bits, he's so adorable!
Lottie is my fluffy white doggie :D I love her more then most people, really sad, i know, but she's just so god damn cute!
I tried to take a decent picture of Yogi, but he wouldn't
stop squirming around, stupid ass. Check out the hamster fail below!

Because Yogi was being such a mardy ass (he's probably on his meriod) i decided to take some pictures of my fluff ball doggie :D


Hehe :3 I love my pets! Anyways, that's it from me for today, i'ma gunna make a new post soon of the evil cupcakes i drew for one of my art project final peices cuz i'ma kinda proud of it.
Bye bye you lovely people

The picture below is terribly cute :D

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Well hello tiny children :D

Its time to talk, HAIR

Okay, so i am getting uber bored of my hair. Its been the same for pretty much all of my life, AND I NEED A CHANGE :'( So, i have decided to splash out and get my hair properly peroxided at a hairdresses, which will cost me a bomb, BUUUT, should be worth it :)

I have chosen a number of hairstyles, and i want you fellow bloggers, whoever you are! even if i dont know you, to comment and say which one you think is the best (: I cant decide myself :'( Please help me? :)

Please note, dont abuse me with all the "wannabe scene kid" shit, i dont wanna be a scene kid, i just fucking love their hair!

Okay, so option number 1 - Keep the fringe bitch, just make it more pretty :D

Option number 2 - Cute side fringe with colour in it (: I was thinking either blue or purple, underneath the fringe, so it wasnt incredibly noticable but still looks cool xD

Option number 3 - This really cool fringe that is really hot :D

Okay, so there we have it (: Please help me and comment, i am completley stuck for ideas ):

Thankyou (: & i'll try and make my blogs less self centered and boring in the future!

Thursday, 17 June 2010

FIRST BLOG.....prepare for shitness


Well this is my first ever blog and first ever post, *que the "oooh and arrs"* :D So i have decided to talk about my weird and wonderful obsessions! Yeah yeah, i know what you're thinking, "oh great, we get to read about yet another crazy woman who collects stamps and thinks that tea cosies are, THE BOMB" ....(which they ARE btw!)

So, to start off with, i wanna show all ye fellow bloggers, (hehe, i sounded pirate :D) this amazing and beautiful dress that i just have to have. I've been obsessed with this beauty for a couple of days now and its been designed by one of the prettiest and best dressed females around, Pixie Lott :D ISNT HER NAME JUST THE CUTEST?!!

Seriously, i am getting a mother fudging job so i can get this beauty! I love the cute blue stripes, and the cut at the top. omnomnom

Another obsession of mine, Sean Smith. Anyone who knows me will probably know this. He is THE hottest male on the planet! I think i am actually in love with him. Look at the boy, ain't he a nice piece of ass?! I like this picture as he is holding a "fuck you" sign and i just think to myself, "yes please" ....yes i am pervert.

Anyways, i dont know what else to rant about now :L I am sorry i am boring guys! I'll do better posts as i learn to use this "" and as i encounter more funkay and kinda interseting things (:

Ta ra for now! <3