Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Well hello tiny children :D

Its time to talk, HAIR

Okay, so i am getting uber bored of my hair. Its been the same for pretty much all of my life, AND I NEED A CHANGE :'( So, i have decided to splash out and get my hair properly peroxided at a hairdresses, which will cost me a bomb, BUUUT, should be worth it :)

I have chosen a number of hairstyles, and i want you fellow bloggers, whoever you are! even if i dont know you, to comment and say which one you think is the best (: I cant decide myself :'( Please help me? :)

Please note, dont abuse me with all the "wannabe scene kid" shit, i dont wanna be a scene kid, i just fucking love their hair!

Okay, so option number 1 - Keep the fringe bitch, just make it more pretty :D

Option number 2 - Cute side fringe with colour in it (: I was thinking either blue or purple, underneath the fringe, so it wasnt incredibly noticable but still looks cool xD

Option number 3 - This really cool fringe that is really hot :D

Okay, so there we have it (: Please help me and comment, i am completley stuck for ideas ):

Thankyou (: & i'll try and make my blogs less self centered and boring in the future!


    stay with wedge fringe it's cute, and it defines the beast that is ANNEH.

    +++ i have some blue dye you can has :3

    it's bluey purple, and ima doing mine turquoiseish so idk. If you want some tell me! GET COONTAILS <3

  2. Option one, it suits you. Do not mess with perfection.
    X David

  3. Hmmm so i think i will keep the fringe but add blue to it ;D Just for a change in the summer holidays (:

  4. Option 3. But you have to do the same black color with it !
    if not option 1 alll the way.

    care to follow me back ?

    alice h

  5. i like the first one.. keep it like that! :D

    Animated Confessions

  6. adding a bit of colour is always awesome imo =]

  7. hmm i like all of them but thats not what you wanted to hear :L sooo i say the style of 3 but keeping it blonde and maybe still put the colour into it :D hope it helped :) cute blog :) xx