Thursday, 9 September 2010

Ohhh Jeeeeebus! I haven't posted in ages D:
I am sorry people, i fail at this blogging (:
Anyways, right now i should probably be doing my art homework, but instead, i am posting this ;D

Hmm, well, i went to London in the summer holidays, exotic, i know :P Hehe, anyways, my Momma and sister went to Harrods and bought some really cute cupcakes, cuz they know i am a sucker for cake and well, we're a fat family that likes to eat like, a hell of alot xD

This is my Oreo cupcake that they got me (: I took this picture in the bath of my hotel room, cuz i am weird like that xD Sorry about it being side-ways, i am a lazy poo and cba to rotate it xD

I have realised i am obsessed with cupcakes.

Anyways, thats it for now, i need to go do some work (:
Bibi people :3 xxxxxx